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Getting Started

We run several types of matches at Pro Gun Vegas every weekend.  While knowing the rules for each match will help, the most important thing is to show up! 


Every match requires all shooters to sign in at The Classroom prior to a match. Waivers will be signed, match fees collected and you will be assigned to a squad. We will identify any new shooters and ask that they group for a range briefing prior to leaving for the match stages.

What to bring

  • Eye and Ear protection

  • Pistol, pistol caliber rifle, rifle, shotgun depending on the match you wish to shoot.

  • Magazines

  • holster if shooting centerfire

  • Ammo – minimum round counts are usually listed on the calendar under the match description.

How to get here

Directions to Pro Gun Vegas


Match Types

UML - (United Multi-Gun League) Multi-gun competitions are the hottest and fastest growing segment of the practical shooting world.  Featuring the use of pistol, rifle (or PCC), and shotgun in the same stage, Multi-gun matches produce a very dynamic experience!  

USL - United Steel League includes stand and shoot, dynamic movement through a stage and par time challenges, all requiring competitors to execute proper fundamentals stage after stage.

URLThe United Rifle League was established to bring competitors from different backgrounds to one league to compete on like stages with all rifles including AR platforms, Pistol Caliber Carbines and 22 long rifle. This allows new shooters, shooters with pistol backgrounds, and juniors to get started in the shooting sports. The URL will include fast bay challenges for all rifles, and longer-range matches to include faster AR-15 calibers and AR-10 platforms.

UPL The United Pistol League is the last piece of the puzzle. Our goal was to create a simple and fair scoring system that allows the newest shooter to compete and understand the game, while still encouraging the veteran shooters to push their speed and accuracy to a new level. UPL uses our new HEX target resembling more of a bulls-eye shape including center scoring zone making this game something anyone can play and enjoy.

USPSA Pistol - The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the national governing body of practical shooting in the United States under the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Standard pistol matchs following USPSA rules found here.  Usually 5/6 stages around 150 - 200 rounds.

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